How to Successfully Recruit a Rockstar Salesperson 
that can sell your product better than you!
Establish Fit
Behavioral Style
Profile the role
The Ad
Hire a Sales Rockstar - 4 Step Process
Sick of sales not working properly?

If you're a small to medium business owner; you have salespeople, or you want one and:

- You can't afford to get another sales hire wrong?

- You aren't sure how to attract a great salesperson to you company?

- Aren't sure how to hire someone that fits the team?

- Don't know how to get your sales working consistently?
Download My Recruitment Blueprint with Templates:

How to Successfully Recruit a Rockstar Salesperson that can sell your product as well, or better than you!

Free ONLINE | 4-Step Video Training Explaining the Exact Approach to:
  • Attract a Great Salesperson that wants to work for your company for the right reasons.
  • Select the Right Salesperson that can learn to sell your product equally as well, or better than you.
  • Identify the attributes required to ensure you get the best sales person that fits your company culture and your style of selling.
  • Download my Blueprint including Job Advert Templates outlining the framework for your job ad that appeals to a Rockstar Salesperson!
Nick Muller has been building sales teams in both his own company's and as a business advisor for twenty years.

Having taken his own company from a bedroom startup to eight figure annual sales in under five years without capital funding, Nick supports his clients to double, even triple their annual sales through good sales management, sales strategy and training, leadership and improving company culture using a direct measurable process that adds revenue to the bottom line.

Nick works predominantly with brick and mortar businesses in Business to Business Sales with some Business to Consumer. Light industries such as Electrical, Flooring, Engineers, Wholesalers, Resellers, Construction Industry Suppliers and Manufacturing. The style of company that can best use Nick's services often have a labour component like service technicians or installation teams.
We engaged Nick's services due to the expensive cost of getting the hiring process wrong to assist us with understanding how to attract a high level candidate for a new role within KATABOLT. Nick took us through a Values exercise so we could understand the qualities a person would need to display to "fit" our organisation, then together we developed a process designed to identify and select "A" players. The process was very successful and we now have a great new team member!!
We also went through a personality profiling tool which gave us an understanding about ourselves and what traits we were looking for to compliment our own.

Nick has also worked with us on presentations to exporting groups and I would highly recommend him as someone who is an expert in their field and goes the extra mile to ensure that you get the results that you want.
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